Felix Airways


Felix Airways was launched in 2008 a a low cost airline, with plans to develop international routes to the country, as well as taking over Yemenia's domestic network, the national airline taking a 25% stake in the new company in return.


Felix started opeartions using two Bombardier CRJ-700s, later joined by two smaller -200s

flightplans are available from Alpha India Group

Bombardier CRJ-700

Felix Airways Bombardier CRJ-700
Felix Airways Bombardier CRJ-700

Bombardier CRJ-700 7O-FAB is one of two operated by Felix Airways out of Sanaa International Airport


To be used with the Alpha India Bombardier CRJ-700 base model

download it from avsim

download it from flightsim

Bombardier CRJ-200

Felix Airways Bombardier CRJ-200
Felix Airways Bombardier CRJ-200

The smaller CRJ-200 are based at Aden Airport


To be used with the AI Malcontent Bombardier CRJ-200 base model

Both aircraft types are included in the same Felix fleet package

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About my repaints

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They have been thoroughly researched and painted based on actual pictures of the real aircraft, so that each individual aircraft is an exact replica of the real thing at the time of painting, down to the precise windows configuration and the stencils colours and locations.


To view them in your simulator, you need first to download and install the base aircraft models/packages available  separately . Most of these models are available from the usual avsim and/or flightsim libraries, but I have provided a link to these base packages on this site for your easy reference. Check the links section.


You will also need adequate flightplans to take these birds into your virtual skies. Running a search on avsim and flightsim libraries will get you up to date flightplans for most of the world's airlines

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Basically, 32bits texture are larger and therefore having more pixels, will have sharper details and will look better in your sim, particularly at close range. Downside is they take up more HD space and use more resources.

Mipped textures are supposed to be what fs is really looking for, and will ensure the best framerate and movement smoothness. However, if your graphic processor is an older or a lower end one, with less than 1GB dedicated memory, mipped textures will look awfully blurred.

To keep things simple, if you run your sim on a new, powerful, high end computer, go for the 32bits or mipped textures, or use the 32bits only for intricate liveries where the quality of finer details will make a difference.

On the other hand, if you are using an older less powerful machine, or if you are not sure or don't know what all this means, go for the non-mipped dxt3 format.